Monday, May 28, 2012

How to make wooden letters.

This is a total random post but I was so proud of my craftiness over the weekend,I felt the need to share.

My sister Aishling was doing up a playroom for her little boy and really wanted his name up on the wall. After searching all over the Internet,the cheapest she could get in Ireland with P&P was approx. €50 per letter!! Crazy! There probably is cheaper out there but we couldn't find it if there is!

So I decided to take it upon myself to get a bit crafty it couldn't be that hard after all............and it isn't :)

I started off on Microsoft word. Go into Word Art,decide what font you want and stretch the letter to fit the A4 page. Then simply cut your letters out.

I went to our local hardware shop and bought a sheet of mdf (3/4" thickness) and traced the letters onto the board. The mdf cost €20 and I only ended up using half of it. I bought a large sheet just in case I messed up some of the letters and had to re-do them,luckily that didn't happen :)

I must admit I had help,Ger cut the letters out using a jig saw and I sanded. Thanks G!

I had to do a little freehand with the "u" and "m" but wasn't too much trouble,just a lot of patience.I was so happy with the way they turned out and  Aishling was delighted with them.She cant decide whether to paint them or cover them with fabric. I'll pop a pic up when she decides and they are completely finished.

Hope ye all had a great weekend.

Shirley x

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