Friday, August 29, 2014

Fondant Fridays: P-p-p-p-poker Cake

I have played poker I would say about twice in my life and it was basically me watching other people win money. In fairness once was in Vegas so I really had no clue what was going on, it was all happening so quick. The second time my Dad held a poker night at home so I wasnt too awful. I tried to be cunning and really "play" the game but lets just say I lost a few pennies that night also lol!

So when I was asked to make a small cake for someone "who loves his poker", I had some idea of what to make. The cake itself was a gluten-free sponge, raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. I had never made gluten-free before and read horrendous story how difficult it was to get a good gluten-free sponge but it turned out perfect.....phew lol!

Hope everyones enjoying the last few days of holidays before all the schools are back. I honestly dont know where the summer went!

Happy Friday

Shirley x

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fondant Fridays: Vanilla and Chocolate Giant Cupcake

My Sister's friend has a little girl named Leah and she is my nephews bestest friend in the whole wide world. So when she asked me to do something for Leah's birthday, I was only too happy to do it. She didn't really mind what the cake was so I suggested a giant cupcake. I had recently bought the giant cupcake pan and I was mad to test it out. 

The cake was a vanilla sponge, raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream.

I made the cupcake casing out of chocolate. There are a few videos on YouTube of how to do this but it is basically melting down chocolate and coating the inside of the tin. You need quite a bit of chocolate as it has to be quite thick. When fully dried, give a little tug on the thickest part of the chocolate and it will pop right out. I was veerrry skeptical about this. I was expecting it to shatter in to pieces but it doesn't,trust me! It's such a nice clean finish instead of trying to perfectly buttercream it and who doesn't love chocolate.

While I wasn't too happy with the buttercream piping, I think every baker in Ireland will understand the frustrations with buttercream this last summer. Melty-Mac-Melterson!

Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

Shirley x

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fondant Fridays: Little Baby Booties Christening Cake

Look at these little booties, how fantastically cute are they?!

While I've made booties many time before, I have never put the addition of socks. I think they complete the little bootie. Can't understand why I would have never thought to do this before but sure, it's all a learning process.

This cake was a vanilla sponge, strawberry jam and vanilla cream. It was very popular and went down a treat. I heard it even got the stamp of approval of the grandmother. You know if the elders approve of cake then you're on to a winner!

The older kids went nuts for the booties and eventually the dad gave in and let them eat them....sugarbuzzzzz!!

Hope everyones having a good Friday! There seems to be a bit of change in the weather, I feel Autumn blowing in so get out and soak up any last rays of sun!

Have a good weekend.

Shirley x

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fondant Fridays: Flower Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes many a blue moon ago and completely forgot to share. I stumbled upon them last night as I was deleting some of the two bijillion photos I have of bakes. And as today is Friday, it worked out very well indeed.

I made this batch for a friend who's mom was celebrating (obviously) the big 6 0! Like the baby shower cupcakes, I think they make a cute accompaniment to a prezzie. I love making fondant flowers, there is something I find strangely relaxing about it and they always look super pretty, especially in abundance.

They were lemon sponge with lemon buttercream frosting and went down a treat!

Short but sweet on this beautiful sunny day.

Hope you are all out enjoying it and it lasts for the weekend!

Shirley x