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My name is Shirley. I am a self taught baker and cake decorator and the gal behind the blog. 

My nickname is "Shirley Bells" so it seemed fitting to name the blog Bells Bakery.

What started as a way of keeping track of all my cake decorating, has led to a full blown obsession with baking and blogging. 

Before I started blogging, I would spend hours (yes....literally hours) on different blogs and websites being influenced with different recipes and techniques. 

As you have probably noticed, I am a passionate cake decorator and I adore sugarcraft. 

I love the whole process from start to finish.

This is my little part of blogland where I'll show you all the random bakes I get up to. 

I am completely honest with my opinions.....the bakes I love (hello,strawberry frangipane), the bakes I hate (fruit cake...tsk) and the bakes I cannot live without (Damn you bread!).

Thanks ever so much for having a snoop around and please come say hello!

Shirley x

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