Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The blogging begins!


So this is my first post,I am so excited to be starting this blog,not only will it give me a purpose to my baking but it also lets me unleash my excitement for baking and everything that comes with it!

So I first started baking about 2yrs ago when I got a present of a baking book off my sister,Jacqueline,and so the addiction began. Earlier this year,Jacq and I threw our younger sister,Aishling, a baby shower and this is when I entered the world of sugarcraft.........Obsessed!! I love, love,love sugarcraft! It makes every cake so unique for every occassion and its soo much fun! I do not claim to be the best baker out there,I just love doing it (as much as my family and boyfriend give out to me about their waistlines)!

Soooo here we go :)

Happy Baking!


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