Friday, January 11, 2013

21st Birthday Cake

When we asked Aishling what she wanted to do for her 21st some months back, her response was VEGAS!

Having been to Vegas in the winter months before I don't feel I got a true "Vegas" experience ( it snowed the last time I was there ) so we are waiting for the warm weather to kick in. At the end of May, Jacq, Aish and I are off to L.A. Vegas and Cancun for two weeks ( the diet starts now lol! ). Has anyone been to any of these places before and have "a must see"? I would love to have some places to check out :)

We marked her 21st by going to dinner and a few drinks. The next day we had a fiesta in Jacqueline's house, so of course a cake was needed. I wanted to make a cake that would represent her "birthday holiday". I went for a beach themed bottom layer and a Vegas themed top layer.

Here is my sketch or my "guideline".

The bottom layer was a Chocolate biscuit cake and I used a dummy cake for the top layer. I made the dice, cards and the "corona" bottles out of fondant some days before so they were dry and easy to colour.

As part of my new years resolutions, I want to become a better blogger and photographer. Hopefully this cake, dear friends, will be my last "ah sure it'll be grand" photo!

Hope 2013 is treating you all well so far :)

Shirley x

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