Friday, July 18, 2014

Fondant Friday: Two tiered 18th Birthday Cake

Happy Fondant Friday!

I made this a few weeks ago and embarrassingly, I am only getting around to posting it now. But as its fondant Friday, it worked out pretty well.

This two-tiered cake is a chocoholics dream. The top layer was a chocolate fudge cake and the bottom layer was chocolate biscuit cake. The birthday girl had seen something similar online and wanted it in her favourite colours~purple and pink. It also had some purple and pink stars on the top layer, almost like a stars bursting out of the cake. It was quite breezy that day so I assembled them on delivery for fear of them bending in some crazy way.

I'd never done those stars before but they are super effective. The cake seems almost 'unfinished' without them. Of course did I bring my camera, or even my phone to show you all. No! Because that would actually require me to be organised and have a brain...ugh lol!

Anyway hope everyones Friday is going well and the weekend is even better!

Shirley x

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