Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A recipe-less Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

Today I come to you fine folk as one annoyed blogger.....

A few days ago I had a half day from work. I came home and decided to make something nice for after the dinner. I was on the verge of making my Madeira Cake when I realised I only had one egg. So it was either go out in the torrential rain for two eggs or get inventive with what I had.

And man, oh man am I happy I was super lazy that day because this is one of THE nicest cakes I have ever tasted. And that dear friends says A LOT!

The reason for the one measly photo is this is all I could squabble away from my family. I was losing daylight and there was no way I was going to be able to keep this in its perfect loaf state to photograph in the morning. How I wish you could all see how drool-worthy it looked. It had a rich brown colour and was smothered in a thin lemon glaze.

As you all probably know now from here, here and here. I have a slight love (slash full blown obsession) with poppy seeds. And lemons and poppy seeds are, well, a match made in heaven! I was completely expecting this cake to go wrong. Either taste like complete and utter cardboard or to bubble over in the oven...just something had to! But no. It was crumbly,moist,lemony and almost melted in your mouth. My Dad who is probably my biggest critic said it was the nicest cake he had tasted in a long while.

Ughh here's the kicker...

I never wrote my recipe down!! (I am annoyed with myself to even type that)

I have an idea what it was, well I know it had one egg anyway ha :) I just hope I can get it bang on perfect again and come back to you all with the recipe.

So stay tuned.......and all you fellow lemon and poppy seed lovers say a lil' prayer ha :)

Shirley x


  1. its so annoying when that happens!!! this looks lovely....I've never tried poppy seeds but i do love lemon.

    1. Oh you must try them, I'm obsessed and they're great with lemons!

      Shirley x


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